What is Angoori Bhabhi up to?

‘If you are a performer, it’s easier to sustain.’
‘The day you think you are a star, it becomes difficult.’

Photograph: Kind courtesy Shubhangi Atre/Instagram

Television star Shubhangi Atre plays Angoori Bhabhi in the hugely popular Bhabhji Ghar Par Hai.

“Once we were invited for (the legendary classical singer) Pandit Jasraj’s brithday, and one of his family members said, ‘Jab tak Bhabhji nahin dekhte, he doesn’t do his riyaz‘,” Shubhangi tells Senior Contributor Rajul Hegde.

How are you making use of the lockdown?

I have become a full time chef and I make sure we have a balanced diet.

I am experimenting with food as my 14-year-old daughter has given me a big list of food that she wants to eat.

We have divided the work between the three of us.

My daughter is trying to make pancakes.

For fitness, we do yoga, meditation, stretching, skipping and Surya namaskar.

We play Housie and cards.

I have been posting Tik Tok videos with my husband on social media.

Actually, he acts better than me (laughs)!

My daughter is camera shy. I’m waiting for her to join us for a family video. Let’s see.

In the beginning, I enjoyed the lockdown as I could spend time with my daughter. She is a creative child and is fond of doodling.

Now, I am getting bored. I’m missing my work and reel family.

I hope this lockdown comes to an end and I get to meet my entire team.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Shubangi Atre/Instagram

Has playing the popular Angoori Bhabhi character in Bhabhji Ghar Par Hai boosted your career?


I have grown as a actor too.

Now everyone addresses me as ‘Angoori Bhabhi’.

I get loads of love and respect from people.

When I meet people at the airport or in different cities, they say I am a natural actor and my character is very convincing.

The credit goes to the makers of the show because there is such perfection in the writing and direction.

At times, I improvise my character, play with my words as Angoori speaks wrong English.

Plus, I have a friend who watches a lot of Bhojpuri videos. I take cues from her.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Shubhangi Atre/Instagram

What is the best compliment you have received?

Once we were invited for (the legendary classical singer) Pandit Jasraj’s brithday, and one of his family members said, ‘Jab tak Bhabhji nahin dekhte, he doesn’t do his riyaz.’

At another party, before Asha Bhosleji met me, she was inquiring about me.

During the India Today conclave, many politicians came up and said they enjoy watching Bhabhiji.

It’s a very big complement for me to even know that they know us.

How difficult is to get good roles in the industry?

The important thing in the industry is to make a name for yourself.

There are many actors who have done one hit show and are finished.

I have been fortunate to have to play different types of roles, from positive, negative, comedy…

If you are a performer, it’s easier to sustain.

The day you think you are a star, it becomes difficult.

An actor’s life is not consistent. Ups and down is a part of their lives.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Shubanghi Atre/Instagram

What is the atmosphere like on the sets?

It’s so much fun!

Both Asif (Sheikh) and Rohitash (Gaud) are good friends of mine.

The best thing about our set is that there is no negativity or ego clashes.

It’s like a picnic.

Rohitji has a lot of patience and is not fussy at all.

Asifji pulls my leg and asks how does it feel to romance older guys because of the age gap between us.

He pampers everybody on the set. He brings food for the entire unit.

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