‘How can the romance of Indian Cinema ever leave us? Never.’

The incomparable Rishi Kapoor passed into the ages on Thursday morning and condolences messages keep pouring in.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Sonam Kapoor/Instagram

Sonam Kapoor: Rest in peace Chintu uncle.

All my love to you. I’m so sorry we all couldn’t say bye properly.

Arjun Rampal: Yesterday and today, two of the most talented artists, mentors, friends, fathers and co-actors bid us farewell in times when we can’t go pay our respects physically.

Lost for words and actions honestly.

Rishi Sir, you will always have a special place in all our hearts.

Prayers and strength with Neetu Maam, Ranbir, Riddhima all the Kapoor family. #riplegend #riprishikapoor


Photograph: Kind courtesy Divyanka Tripathi/Instagram

Divyanka Tripathi: Any age, any role… you always won hearts.

The showman’s son was India’s pride.

It’s heartbreaking to know that we won’t be able to witness any more of your excellence.

May you rest in peace knowing you are loved by all and will be remembered forever.

Sanjay Kapoor: Love you Chintu You will be missed!

From the firing Chimpu and i got as kids, to all the love you gave me during the shooting of Luck by Chance.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Neha Dhupia/Instagram

Neha Dhupia: Absolutely shattered … each time we saw you on screen we wept with you and burst out into uncontrollable laughter with you …

You taught us the true meaning of romance and we felt pain when u did and today we feel more pain than ever because we lost one of our greatest…

No matter where you were, your infectious smile and your interesting stories would light up a room in person and a nation on screen …

You will live in our hearts forever… love you #Rishiji


Photograph: Kind courtesy Angad Bedi/Instagram

Angad Bedi: ;And that’s how I would love to remember him… with a drink in hand.

Lived his life to the fullest.

You will be missed dafliwale.

Raising a toast to you cheers

Kirron Kher: Rishi Kapoor is no more. Heartbreaking.

I would like to celebrate his life. Larger than life, outspoken and cheerful right to the end.

Great actor, good friend.

So many memories of you flow through my mind.

You lived a full life. Well played Sir.

Condolences to the family. Rest in peace Rishiji!

Anupam Kher: I am just completely numb with the shock of my dearest friend, co-actor of many movies & a wonderful person’s passing away.

#RishiKapoor से ज़्यादा ज़िंदादिल, बेबाक़,ज़ोर ज़ोर से ठहाके लगाने वाला,एक बच्चे जैसी जिज्ञासा रखने वाला मैंने अपनी ज़िंदगी में कभी नहीं देखा।और न ही कभी देखूंगा।भगवान ने उनका साँचा बनाकर तोड़ दिया था।दुख इतना गहरा है, आँसू निकल ही नहीं रहे।New York में उनके साथ का ये आख़िरी वीडियो उनकी खुश मिज़ाजी का एक जीता जागता सबूत है। चिंटू जी आप तो हमेशा हमारे साथ ही रहोगे।Hello!Hello!Hello! ओम शान्ति।


Photograph: Kind courtesy Anusha Dandekar/Instagram

Anusha Dandekar shared a picture with Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh.

Karan Johar: I was 7 years old and overheard that my parents were invited to see a preview of Duniya meri Jeb mein… it starred my favourite Rishi kapoor…

it was school night and my very particular mother refused to let me come with her….I threw such a tantrum because i couldn’t bear the fact that I was being disallowed from seeing a Chintu kapoor film…the parents finally succumbed…

i went ….with stars in my eyes…like i had every time I saw him on celluloid…

he was my HERO!

The very handsome,the exceptionally charming,the eternally Romantic RISHI KAPOOR…

My childhood was dedicated to watching him sing his songs with abandon, wearing his printed sweaters and dancing in my bedroom…..

Doing the dafliwalle routine with a dinner plate in front of my school friends…and finally nearly fainting when I met him for the first time in Cochin on the sets of my fathers film DUNIYA…

I looked at him like he was a monument that I wanted to keep marvelling at….

When i directed him in SOTY i shed a tear silently after he gave his first shot … a major childhood dream was actualised ….

Today i feel like an irreplaceable void has crept into my existence…a piece of my growing years has been snatched away….

I am honoured to love him…to know him…to have a drink and reminisce with him….I still will ..

How can the romance of Indian Cinema ever leave us? Never.

Dard -e dil….but this legendary legacy will live on!


Manish Malhotra: I am heartbroken. This is really sad and terrible.

Rishiji will be truly missed. His brilliance is irresplaceble.

My most favourite actor and a warm wonderful human being. RIP Rishiji Rest in Peace.

My heart goes out to Neetuji, Ridhima and Ranbir and the entire Kapoor family.

He was always so warm. This January in my friend Natasha Nanda’s house we were having dinner and he like always was very jovial and spirited and was telling me how I should take my clothes to Capri and how people shop there ..

We chatted that night and since I have heard the disheartening news this morning I have been remembering our conversations and the fact that he always was so warm and wonderful.

Rajkummar Rao: Rest in Peace my dear #RishiSir 

You will be missed sir. May God give strength to the family to get through this difficult time.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Neil Nitin Mukesh/Instagram

Neil Nitin Mukesh: A father figure to me. Literally!! Three generations of togetherness.

Raj Kapoorji and my grandfather, Mukeshjis bond needs no explanation.

My father and Chintu uncle are brothers. My father sang for the first time in MERA NAAM JOKER for Chintu uncle.

I acted for the first time as junior Rishi Kapoor in a movie called Vijay.

He has been a part of all our Happy moments . And that is how we want to remember him always.

My father and I are heartbroken. This loss is irreparable.

I will always maintain that one of my biggest inspirations in Hindi cinema has been Chintu uncle. The way he emoted no one did.

Karz, Chandini, yeh Wada raha, and the 100 others will be the Bible for me and generations to follow.

I am blessed, my family is blessed to know him. REST IN PEACE Chintu uncle.

All our condolences to Neetu Aunty, Ranbir, Ridhima, chimpu uncle, Dabboo uncle and the entire Kapoor Family.

Mallika Sherawat: Woke up to the devastating news of Rishi Kapoorji passing away. it is so so sad.

Great loss not only for the entertainment industry but also the country. Prayers and condolences to the family.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Rohit Roy/Instagram

Rohit Roy: No words to explain what I feel right now … Can’t believe I wont ever see you again Chintuji this is not fair..

Last time we spoke, you said another epic evening SOON! And now ….. I love you chintuji..

I’m sure you’ll spread the laughter wherever u r .

Janhvi Kapoor: An icon. In every way. You’ve left a ceaseless void in this industry and world somehow even for those who never had the chance of really knowing you. But you have also left with us a plethora of legendary work and innumerable stories of your candour, humour and zest for life that’ll remain with us forever. Rest in peace.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Divya Khosla/Instagram

Divya Khosla: Had the privilege of knowing a great soul like you Rishi Sir …

Before working with you in Sanam re I had only heard that u were v strict bt I only saw a soft you u were the most dedicated actor on my sets ..

ur punctuality, ur enthusiasm towards ur role , u only wanted to give & give One of the best human beings I’ve met.

I’m fortunate that I could be a part of your life’s journey … will cherish u in my heart whr Uve left a void.



Photograph: Kind courtesy Sanjay Dutt/Instagram

Sanjay Dutt shared a beautiful message.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Kartik Aaryan/Instagram

Kartik Aaryan: On Kaanchi, I asked Subhash Ji to let me assist him. The crew would make fun of me because I only worked when Rishi sir was on set.

I took the clapboard duty to be able to stand as close to him as possible.

I’m blessed to have witnessed that spontaneity, energy and true greatness up close.

Rishi sir’s charm was magnetic.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Randeep Hooda/Instagram

Randeep Hooda: One can be an actor par excellence and be burdened, but the zest for life is a secret known to precious few & fewer can carry it till the end.

Always encouraged me on my approach & it meant a lot coz it came from a man who didn’t mince his words. Rest in peace sir

Govinda: Extremely Shocked and Sad.

Today Marks the end of an Era I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity of working with you in 3films..

बहुत दुःख हुआ May god bless your soul Rishiji #RI

Armaan Malik: Losing two legends in a span of two days. I have nothing to say about 2020.

Words won’t ever be able to do justice to his life and legacy. He always had this jovial vibe that was so infectious.. even though this is an extremely sad day and time for all of us.

Rishi uncle would definitely want us all to celebrate his life and enjoy ours to the fullest. Rest in peace #RishiKapoor ji

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